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Hi there Wonderfull Magical Magenta Pixie how are you doing? I like to ask some questions to you the Nine and Me;)
I like to know if there are 4 continents at the North pole like on the old maps? And the Aurora Borealis Central sun Black sun does it create the Northern Lights? Can we find or create Paradise overthere? Or is it already manipulated?Thank you for your amazing work light love magic miracles and so much more!!! Your books realy make you grow and feel the best Light Love Magic and indescribable!!! I hope you can make a small you tube movie for this questions? Warm Hugggs Light Love Magic Power And Miracles For You
... ראה עודראה פחות

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Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie's NEW BOOK "Lessons from a Living Lemuria" NOW AVAILABLE in print and Kindle edition. Read a sample at ... ראה עודראה פחות

Magenta Pixies NEW BOOK Lessons from a Living Lemuria NOW AVAILABLE in print and Kindle edition. Read a sample at

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Got it, read it. I just don’t know how I’m going to shift my eating habits to what they need to be. It’s a daunting task.

I am loving it! Only a few chapters in as it’s so dense with great info I need to take my time to digest all of it! Thanks so much for this book, Magenta Pixie - if I don’t read I have your YouTube channel on in my car so now even my kids know about you and your wisdom (start them young ;))

I don’t know that effort will really be required, things seem to change organically . One day you don’t feel like eating red meat, a bit later you don’t feel like eating chicken , and so on it goes. Don’t stress 🤗

Currently reading and loving it

Great book 🙏💙

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Magenta Pixie

The Nine respond to a question regarding an ancient civilisation upon the Earth known as 'The Blue People'. Following on from the information in the recent transmission "Lessons from a Living Lemuria", the Nine respond to this question through their conduit Magenta Pixie. ... ראה עודראה פחות

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I've always loved the color blue! I have alot of blue in my aura. My favorite blue is indigo. It's also the communication color. Maybe it's all of us speaking up about ourselves and issues that are in conflict to the greatest good for humanity, animals and the planet. I listened to this video 4 or 5 times. And I'm going to listen to it again! I love Magenta Pixie messages from the nine. They help me so much on my path!

In 2006, I connected to Elvis Presley in my meditation. He sang a lot of songs about Blue. He used blue light to heal others. I was guided to take an Angelic Healing workshop in 2008. Four of us went to a restaurant for lunch on the first day. As soon as we sat down the other ladies asked me if I needed to go to the ER as I was blue. I felt fine and I knew that Elvis had turned me blue. I had not mentioned him to anyone at the workshop. Since then my nose, hands and feet turn blue, mostly while doing energy healings. 💙

Going in to hear Dear,i like share, i have in my photos captured forms of Blue Spirit's ,and they are very high in the sky ... And i have also seen strange forms of spirits very tiny too, hoovering around the clouds....

Love to hear you talk more about the energies of different places on the planet and what is going on there...

💙💝 love this, thank you Magenta and WWCC 9.

Ramtha taught us we have a blue body within

Hearing you Magenta Pixie i have to say Yes, you are so right,as to the second coming 🙏

I did a painting of a blue woman with red hair back in college. I wondered why I did this image back then. Hmmmmmm....

Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful 💙💙💎💎💎💎💎💎👁





🙏 💙 🎶 🌀


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