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Can you believe in God and Science totally ... ראה עודראה פחות

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Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind

תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

תגובות בפייסבוק

So good and yet so difficult. Practice.

Every moment is a precious part of all our lives

Thank you,I just 🥺 do that...I prefer the here and now 💃

Very good advice. I need to work on this

This is so true

Past, present, and future life's integral sections

Stay in the moment...enjoy, and plan for the future.

What if the present moment is realising how supressed everyone is and how lonely it is to be the only person in my radius that truly cares?

Very good


Easier said than done


Yes this is true


Ciara Nicholle iam learning i love you and iam sorry i need to let go as well you are my Future xoxox

And So It is

I have the flu in this moment. I’d rather not lol

Christ is crucified at golgotha...the skull place or place of the skull...between two thieves, regret for the past and apprehension for the future. The pineal gland is balanced between the left and right hemisheres of the brain in "the high place".

It's difficult

Working on this!!

Good old Buddhism at its finest

Suchita Kashyap

Power of now

Ya..its quite tough..but its worth tryin..!

Mirian Lynn

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תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

תגובות בפייסבוק

So long as you don't burn the house down and are still alive, enjoy life!

Thank goodness I’m not the only one who has done that 😂

I burnt water, fell upstairs and forgot to turn the bath on all in one day. I am not doing too good guys

It's funny but not. I'm an empath and sometimes other people drain my energy and happiness so much I can't think straight 😓😞

Cutting grass for 10 minutes before I realized I forgot to engage the blade😮

Done that!

All the time!


I did that last week🤣🤣🤣

Edwin Manny Ortiz 🙄😂😂

Really dislike seeing nouns turned into verbs. Stop it! "Adulting" sounds ridiculous.

At least I only have to cook for 2 others!!!

Just did that yesterday

Heavy adulting, this one

Once I forgot the water boiling for cooking pasta :')

I just tried to make coffee with no water haha I'm like why don't I smell the coffee yet

Ive done that

I just did that

Adulting can be hard! 😉❤️

Or 20 yrs

Adult is not a verb, that drives me crazy. But the post is very funny.

Cat Flannery I saw this and it reminded me of you making tea at your apartment in independence 😂

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