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Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind

תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

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Growth is an amazing thing. Couldn't agree with this more. It is actually a wonderful feeling to get rid of all the BS in your life 🙂

When you outgrow all this negativity you find perfect peace, contentment and the joy of living.

The last phrase I have never felt freer imply contrary vibe if not I misunderstood the phrase! Audacious outgrowth learning humbling transcendental life lessons setting exemplary self guidance in testing human life journey!

work in progress but yes, absolutely 🙏

Me too. I’ve outgrown even my own daughter (23), who - manipulated by my ex, a cover narcissist- plays games with me. I value myself and my inner peace too much now to put up with that..

Except, now I’m all alone


Thank you.

Karamjeet Kaur. I thought of you Sending love your way sweet

Me now. ❤️

Felt this💜☮



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תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

תגובות בפייסבוק

The first time I read this, it made me cry... and cry, HARD! Then, I read it again when I was ready... a few minutes later and it is so much more beautiful!☀️ THANK YOU!!


I love this. I've been scared, uncertain and lost in what might be, but I held on tight and made it!

Love this 👍

Thank you so very much.

Keep practicing and things do work

I love love love this!

Thank you Anne

Awesome ❤❤

Thank you 💛💛

Love “to the purest place in your heart”.

Eric Andersson People Mag here you come!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes ☺️ Good seeing you yesterday..u got this! 💪🏻

This is AWESOME!!!

Great post!💯❤️

Very fine advice. Expect good things to happen.

Thank you

Very well said!!

Thank you!



I like this. It make sense to me.

I'm quite terrified actually

Damn , well said



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תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

תגובות בפייסבוק

My twin flame iv had the fortune to meet, however we exist in to very different world and trying to make them meet has been an effort but when we spend time it's like no there and feels like a just a blink in time that we spent.

Then it fades away. Never to return. Leaving the one who gave away their souls, longing for that true,passion and understanding once again.

Unless the alternate possibility happens and your soul finds contentment and happiness as a singular person. ❤️😎

I've connected with someone who believes, as I do, we are both from the same soul group. And I've learned lessons I never could have if she wasn't thousands of miles away. A different perspective on love than I could have imagined much less pursue. I only hope she gets half as much from this as I am. 😉

So beautifully put 💙

It’s not new love Steve ,I and manjil studied together,

I’m giving it time and patience. We got this baby! #thevow #always ❤️🐻

My twin flame. I will be reunited again. Our love is stronger than death

🐧🐾🐧. Beautiful to know,..I know it will the right time. ❤️💙💚💛

Well, this here is a true load of shizz.

I'm grateful my soul met yours, Jeff! 🥰😘🥰

It doesn't just happen in movies and fairytales as one gentleman put it, it happens in real life, you just have to let it happen and embrace it. When I met my wife it was game over and I KNEW that she was the one for me, we were together until the day she died. So, yes, good thing's do still happen for people willing to look and listen.

yes....thank you God...I am grateful to you

They still have the free will to leave.

Mi connection is strong w/some1speacial from the past recently crossing paths by coincidence or fate

Absolutely true

Love this!

Very true timing is everything! ❤

❤️ I love this

Christof Perry our love was born the day I first saw you. I knew it in my heart. I love you baby

I love my kitty cat

Michael Grisham, we found this true. And so beautiful

Wow..Sooo Amazingly beautiful...

Right person will meet at right time,regardless time,place,age,situation💓

I like this ❤

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