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Hate me fine I miss Jack 😐 don't tell he will be so mad night night😫

It not too much to ask for save yourself alot of trouble! Communicate

And if the person you're talking to think you are not worthy then it's just total waste of time

Yes and this is gospel

Yes, because people cannot read your mind.

Only mindful people know how to communicate ..

basically be "real and true" to the most important (self) and your soul

Very true

Takes more to do less.

Jiahmyrrah Eve Gallagher this is so me please understand me and sorry don't blame yourself that easy no matter what ha? Thank you! I love you

If you get a straight answer these days are different. 😱

Say what you mean and don't say what you dont mean.

Love this x

So true

Absolute fact

What if some one refuse to understand what u want


I never learn....


Wow perfect timing to see this.

Then they'll have no excuse

Still fucks you over in the end.

Fucking Key.

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תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

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I don't know, sometimes a good old fashioned kicking is exactly what they need, especially as I'd much rather see them feeling the very real physical pain I'll be inflicting on them, and very much on the outside x

Yassss! Even thou my ex hurt me beyond physical and mental pain. I really do wish nothing but peace and happiness for him. 💪🏽

So true, wish them healing !!❤

Don’t hold grudges. If you wish them pain you will suffer pain, if you hate them you will suffer two. Hate can be sometimes a motor, but only on extreme cases. Gus Fring use hate to build his empire and take vengeance against the cartel for example. But in real life let’s say a relationship, there’s no such thing. This quote is for normal interactions with others in daily life. Here the importance of learning about different personalities and how to deal with them. It’s not to eliminate the person but to place them in a position where they can function without bringing you problems.

Your right let me get my tomahawk and dig it out for them so we may suffer together.

We can wish them healing a d we can recognize how that allows us to start healing but it does not stop the pain or it being passed along.

OR don’t waste a wish on them period.

Ok if they want to heal it's better to heal in hospital 😆😆😆

people in pain don't understand... this is why they need healing

I'm working on this. I've carried a lot with me over time and it's not letting me grow.

Need a healing when I'm done with them!!!

It is Sadness at the base.

Depends on the "crime" I think. In my opinion, I can handle anything but betrayal. You betray me, I'm throwing you under the bus

So true ‼️

So true!

so true, but rare are the people who can understand that

This is a Mission Impossible for me 😧 But, i'll Do It 😆

Just leave it in God's hands 🙏

Just what I needed to remember to rise above it

Wise words 🙏

Maybe they are already in pain and that was the cause of the issue


Bullshit, they took too much, too far & can suck it.

Hey, didn't your post earlier say, some people brings the worse out of you --don't apologize for their bad behavior???? Or somewhere else, I saw that???? 😮

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תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

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What if I am the toxin...what if I'm really broken from the I can hate myself better than anyone...

No my dear.. Let's play their game, let them win, help them win. I have experience with that ... These are unhappy people. Rejoice with them. They won't know what happened to them.

Pretty much. Current situation : I’m staying in my room and away from my Husband bec his actions are very toxic and he is waiting to get some kind of reaction out of me. So then he can make it my fault 🤦🏻‍♀️ not today satan

Truly a fact of life....

What is a toxic person please define

😝 true! I have done this with someone and enjoyed the results 😜😂😂😂

Just learned this.

Wrong, you win by lighting them on fire.

Absolutely!!! But sometimes guilty of getting sucked in...

O that's why it feels like I loose everytime against a toxic person.

well, with toxic people you may also use baseball bats, but do it discretly while noone is watchnig you.

The less you say and do to retaliate the better off you are. In the long run it Renders attacks to be futale and in the future you will be glad this was the way you handled it

I'm not toxic. I'm poisonous.

Your nerves and patience gets shot.

Labelling someone a toxic person means youve already lost

This is reality

That gets old.

The only way to not be stupid is to not be stupid... but people do it anyway! 😳✌🏽

Just go away.they dead meat.

Who is looking for the win.. The win has already been decided. 😉

What happened to "if you dont play, you dont win"?

Naw, I going to be BRUTALLY honest

No response is a response.


My fist and that person's face will love to meet eachother 🤣

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